About Us

Rizvi Law College is an outstanding Law College in the city of Mumbai. Since its establishment in the year 2002, the college has proved itself to be a popular destination for young students who choose to study law in a systematic and creative manner in an environment which is conducive to make students attain the best of their talents.

Located in Bandra, the queen among Mumbai suburbs, the college boasts of an infra structure consisting of Moot hall, Lecture Halls, Students’ Bar Room, Library, Common Canteen, Conference Hall etc. The advantage of RLC being located in a campus with other disciplines of studies such as Management, Engineering and architecture, Hospitality and Tourism development is that the students have an opportunity to meet and learn from students of other discipline, thereby ensuring inter-disciplinary approach to our campus life.

The College has regular visitors from all over the world. From judges of the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Bombay to academicians from law schools in India and abroad, visiting students from US colleges and attorneys from India and abroad and visiting diplomats, they offer to our students an opportunity to meet and interact with them.

The biggest strength of the college is its students. They come from all over India and some neighboring Countries including Bhutan, Nepal, Dubai, Middle East and Sudan. They virtually run the entire co-curricular activities such as the Student’ Bar Forum, the Rotract Club of RLC, The academic-cultural festival Just-Ice which includes the rock music show called Hammer and the National Moot Competitions.

The College is affiliated to the Bar Council of India and the University of Mumbai.

The RLC Mission is

To educate students to become lawyers and leaders who would be ethical, skilled and committed to professionalism in public life.

To educate students to be competent to become critics and reformers of the law. It is our mission to create and maintain a national and international reputation for excellence.

The RLC Objectives are:

To promote the dissemination of legal knowledge in order to make the legal process an efficient instrument to empower people at all levels.

To develop the sense of responsibility in every student towards the application of law especially in the areas of legislation and advocacy.

To promote industry-focused study of law in relation to commerce, banking, technology, knowledge processing and development.

To promote ethical practice in the legal profession so as to enable fairness in decision making.

To encourage students to recognize their potentialities and skills in developing their own self and in placing themselves in a competitive world.

About the Moot Courts

The College has a tradition of organizing Moot Court Competitions. The first year students are introduced to mooting through Primera which is the moot competition exclusively for the first year students who just joined the College to pursue law. Students are selected on the basis of their performance as well as aptitude to be trained extensively in mooting & mock trials. Further to Primera, the college organizes the intra-college moot which hunts the talent of advocacy within the college. The selected students are then graded and trained to participate in various International, National and local mooting events.

Every year the college organizes city level and state level moot competitions to enable our students to meet and compete with students of other colleges. This helps our students to hone their skills of advocacy as well as writing case memorials. The Hallmark of the college is however the RLC National Moot Court competition. Twenty Four top law schools from all over India are selected on the basis of the written submissions submitted by them. The judging panel for this competition consists of sitting judges of the Supreme Court of India and High Courts of different states. This popular event is generally inaugurated by distinguished guests like his Excellency the Governor or the Chief Justice of India or the Union Law Minister.

The college students’ body consists of various committees. Mooting being a co-curricular activity is given the highest importance in the life of the students. The students involve themselves in every aspect of the organization of the National Moots. From research and drafting of the case (all the earlier three National Moot Competitions focused on Medico-legal issues) to the sending of invitations (about hundred colleges are invited and twenty four are selected), inviting attorneys as judges in the preliminary and semi-final rounds and the sitting High Court Judges as the judges for the final round, hosting the guests and arranging their boarding and travel plans, the students participation is complete.

The College finds itself listed on the Indian Mooting League as well as on legallyindia.com. The enquiries for the National event start several months in advance with newer colleges wanting to be included in the invitation list. With this overwhelming response for our mooting events in the past, we intend to reach new heights by proposing to organize an International Moot Court Competition by the end of 2011. Rizvi Law College would be one of the first colleges in India to organize an international moot court competition in India.

Our students have already started preliminary research on framing the issues for the International Moot Court Competition. The compromise would be based on issues related to humanitarian law, Stability of Borders, Problems of secession and self-determination.